Chicago, IL, USA

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A Bit About Who We Are...

Why is our company called Sea Glass Photo Booth? 


Have you ever wandered the beach searching for a treasure that when you find it you'll know that it is the only one of its kind?  Did you ever overlook a piece of glass with soft rounded edges thinking it was litter?   We did too, for years, we searched for sand dollars, sea shells, and other treasures washed up from the water's surf and passed over colorful sea glass sprinkled about.

The waves create man's litter (glass) into nature's treasure.  Bottles, jars, and glass are tossed around for decades to form smooth, opaque and frosted gems.  

Rare sea glass colors include red, orange, yellow, and pink.  


Each piece of glass has a story behind it and just like each picture taken, a story and memory are created instantly.  


At Sea Glass Photo Booth, we love creating stories and being a part of your memories. 


The number of times in a night we hear "This is the coolest photo booth I have ever seen and I'm so glad we decided to rent it" countless.